Bronze Armor is a mid-pre-hardmode armor. It is crafted from Bronze at an anvil. To make a full set of Bronze armor, you'll need 52 Bronze ingots (104 tin ore and 104 copper ore) which are crafted at a Blast Furnace.


While this armor set is fairly powerful and is available to players fairly early in-game, it requires the player to generate multiple worlds. This is because its recipe requires both copper ore and tin ore, which cannot both exist in one world at the same time.

This can be overcome, however, by acquiring an Extractinator and putting silt/slush/desert fossils into it, as it gives a small chance to generate both copper and tin. This method, however, will take some time, as the Extractinator will give other items too, meaning that the chances of copper or tin being dropped are fairly low. Meaning getting 104 ore is quite a grind. For this reason, the extractinator method isn't reccomended unless you have a lot of silt, slush or desert fossil hanging around.